Frazers Edge


This is some blog description about this site

his grandson invented the highlighter by spitting on specific words

Unsung Bookmark Final 

no that's not a cardinal, it's a camry

Bad Bird Watcher FINAL copy 

and if you're in an especially good mood give him your car keys

Generous Mans Guide to Tipping 

can i get that ow to go?

Stuntman Waiters 

i also see me stealing your catalytic converter while you're in the shower

Fortune Teller Light FE 

at least he got the talking part right

Ted Talks 

honesty at the mall


the really thorough coach

No I in Team FINAL 

bob dylan's dental care


straight teeth are just as important in prison

Invisalign Cops 

my ant can kick your mosquito's ass!

Ants Casket 

how to double the cost of your funeral


fish wisdom

Fish Frazers 2 

finally mail postcard from trip

Resolutions of Unmotivated 

guaranteed to work slightly less effectively than our "no trespassing" collection

Solicitors FINAL 

i've got a great ear, beak and throat guy

Scarecrow dental 

gun to my head, he's in big trouble!

Bank Robber HR 

where pronouns go to die

He Him Dead 

the most remarkable graph you'll see today!

W Graph 

valedictorian of the foyer

Smartest Person in Adjacent Room  

* assault and battery lawyer fees not included

Jasper Tickling Waiter 


 Acronym Man 

bear necessities

Bear Bidet 

the further adventures of mr. paranoid

Scam Likely FINAL 

my cell not the landline!

Baby in Crib FINAL