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no that's not a cardinal, it's a camry

Bad Bird Watcher FINAL copy 

at least he got the talking part right

Ted Talks 

guaranteed to work slightly less effectively than our "no trespassing" collection

Solicitors FINAL 


 Acronym Man 

my cell not the landline!

Baby in Crib FINAL 

safety first!

Seatbelt Bank Robbers LOGO 

manchester disjointed

Soccer Goalie Hands LOGO 

and my divorce is all because of YOU, desk chair!

Furniture Fights Back LOGO 

and ringo's probably paid off his student loans by now

McCartney Millionaire LOGO 

as long as i don't have to leave it July 4th or Christmas

Autobody 5 Days LOGO  

the next morning the entire town had a parade for jeff to celebrate!

Guy Who Didnt Get it LOGO 

the ventilator really brings out the gray in his eyes

Wrong Question Lady LOGO 

slow and steady gets the thief

Snailman LOGO 

the pilsner gets a commission

Beer Unlocked FINAL LOGO 

what'd he do that for?

Preposition Guy LOGO 

14.83% of people will hate this cartoon

Polling LOGO 

two guys with puppies

Gentle Giant LOGOtiny 

the tuba fills itself with hydrochloric acid

Guitar Practical Jokes DONE LOGO 

when people solve their own issues...

My Way or Highway LOGO 

"ask your older clumsy sister's splattered head"

Take Your Daughter Tightrope LOGO 

morons or ahead of the curve?

Dic Pics LOGO 

he's still on the fence about sprinkles

Cones Steaks LOGO 

keynote speaker at mensa

Carburetors Mints LOGO 

the fourth worst is you both wear watches

Pogo Stick Marriage LOGO 

writing a thank you note is out of the question

Snake Gifts GOOD LOGO